Welcome Back Mirabelli!

In my last blog, I suggested the solution to Josh Bard’s abysmal play is to bring him behind Fenway Park and shoot him. I think Theo Epstein’s plan, trading him and Cla Meredith for Doug Mirabelli, is a much better idea. Bard was killing the team on both sides of the plate with lousy defense and combining with Alex Gonzalez for an automatic two outs in a row. I have to admit, I will miss getting on his back. I will especially miss my “You **** [starts with ‘s,’ rhymes with luck], Bard!” chant.

That having been said, I am thrilled that Mirabelli is back. The defense can now stop blowing Wakefield’s games (some offense would help, too). Some offense out of the catcher’s position would be nice, too. Mirabelli knows how to call a good game for Wakefield, and with Wakefield signed for essentially his entire life, we’ve got to have a good receiver available for him. One pre-trade rumor stated a possible replacement for Bard was something like 1 for 56 lifetime in the major leagues. Yikes.

I also have to take a minute to give it up for Mike Lowell. He has been playing great defense, and his offensive stroke seems to have returned. He also hits Fenway well, and it will be fun to see him hit John Valentin-like doubles off the wall all season long.

Price of seeing Johnny Damon almost cry when fans booed and threw money at him? Negative $52 million.


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