Red Sox vs. Yankees, Loretta vs. Mueller and the David Pauley Bandwagon

These Red Sox vs. Yankees series are all the same nowadays. In a given three game series, we’ll see the Yankees destroy the Red Sox once, the Red Sox destroy the Yankees once, and we’ll see one nail biter. My rough count is TEN from 2002-2006. Four game series are a bit of an exception, but we’ve already seen the Yankees smack the Red Sox around, and today (Wednesday) we’ve got another close one. Mark my word, the Red Sox will smack the Yankees around hard in one of these games.
On the flip, the games may be blurring together, but lets not forget their importance. The only reason the Yankees won last year’s AL Pennant is that they beat Boston in the season series, nine games to eight. Whew!

Mark Loretta reminds me a lot of Bill Muellar. Both are very good and underrated players both offensively and defensively. They both come through in clutch and are good for a couple of game winners. They’re both aging. They will always play well and occasionally will play great. Above all, they are graceful and talented and play baseball with dignity, humility and passion.

I am officially on the David Pauley bandwagon. Go Pauley!

Don’t forget to check out Red Sox Nation’s funniest improv group, Dirty Water!


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